Introduce yourself!

Welcome to The Coda Community, a space for our best and brightest power users to join heads and share their work and knowledge. We’ve always envisioned Coda as a community of creators, and we’re excited to start it here with you.

The Coda Community is hosted on Discourseーa discussion platform where you can participate in on-going conversations, [at] mention people, and post your content. Members of the Coda team will be juming in the conversation a fair amount at the beginning. You can count on us to moderate discussions and faciliate connections. (But let us know if that ever gets nosey.)

We’re really excited to grow this community with you. Please don’t hold back on your thoughts— tell us what you like and what could be better. We need your feedback in order to create the right environment for this community to blossom.

Some practical things:

  • We’re working on making it so you can embed Coda doc here, but until then we recommend sharing your docs directly or making GIFs. (We’re big users of CloudApp at Codaーsuper convenient, and it’s free. Highly recommend.)
  • But if you want to get in the weeds on something you’re working on, you can do what we’ve always done: copy it into a doc and share it with people.
  • Download the Discourse app onto your portable anti-boredom device.

Some places to start:

  • Introduce yourself below and add a bit about what you’d like to see from the Coda Community
  • Tell us what you would change about Coda
  • Share a recent hack
  • Ask a technical question

We’ll be on this channel, but if you have a Coda emergency and need immediate support, dial 911 contact us at


Would be great to get to know a bit about everyone on here. I’ll start!

I’m Jeremy, a designer here at Coda. I’ve worked on stuff all over the product for the past year but have more recently focused on the start experience — things like the landing page, the tutorial, the gallery, etc. If you have any ideas on how to make it easier to get started with Coda, I’m all ears!

Before Coda I ran a design-focused app studio called Tapity for 8 years, during which time I also wrote a lot about app design and marketing. I also tweet as @jerols.


I want to join this party too!

I’m Maria, and I focus on education here at Coda. My passion is making people’s lives easier by empowering them with skills. In the past, I’ve built out software education programs at tech companies, and have collaborated with hundreds of organizations around the world to teach their workforce about everything from goal setting to workflows to collaboration - with a lot of things in between :slight_smile:

When I’m not at Coda, you can find me on stage or in the studio recording audiobooks - or playing with my Golden Retriever, Ned.


Pumped to have a place for all of us to get together!

I’m Evan - a Product Evangelist at Coda. I like long walks on the :beach_umbrella:, a delicious :tumbler_glass: by a roaring :fire: , and anything :dog2: related…

…and while (most) of those things are true, most important to me is our awesome users. Over the last year I’ve been working with customers of all shapes and sizes to help them create incredible things with our product. I’ve spent the majority of my career in customer success / advocacy teams (most recently running an implementation org at Box), and nothing makes me happier than the joy our users feel once they’ve built something great. My job is to make sure everybody here has a voice in building out this product - let me know how I can help make your Coda dreams a reality!

Outside of Coda, you’ll probably find me playing or recording music around SF. I’ve built a tiny home studio over the years, and am always looking for collaborators! You might also find me at a myriad of :coffee: shops as I caffeinate my way through SF.


Hey there!

You made an awesome community hub here! Really impressive!

A quick presentation of myself :slight_smile:

I’m Tom, and I run a small indie video games company in France called Concrete Games. My main skills are focused on Sound Design, Music Composition, Development, some business intelligence and I really love to manage projects, henceforth with Coda!
Here is a link to our actual games :

I’m also a synthesizer freak, a gadget fan, a productivity apps digger, I love to work on domains that are not my specialities (this is why I make video games), I love board games, I think that video games are a very powerful art along with the most exciting creative domain to work in, game in general as a way of life, I’m fond of beers (we have many good crafters here), local and organic food, I love going on the local markets and eat galette saucisses etc…

I’m really excited by Coda as it offers both playfulness and power, modularity and simplicity.
Also, I’m very very fond of the team. You are very kind people with awesome skills!
Puzzles are great and I can’t wait to discover the many tricks other users discovered to empowered productivity.
Actually I’m not so good to imagine new formulas, and I was very impressed by some of the last puzzles workarounds!

Coda team, keep the good work!


Hello everyone,

Nice to meet you all, this is all really great!

I am a Web Developer, soon-to-be Software Developer, and I work for a small Communication and IT company based in Rome, Italy.

I love coding of course, and keeping everything organized.
I really enjoy helping my colleagues with their workflow to make it as smooth as possible. So when I found out about Coda I had to give it a try. Well I did, and now we are all using it to manage tasks and work at a much faster pace!
We were also able to hack it into a Calendar to manage everyone’s presence/absence. It’s just awesome, thank you guys for making such a great tool.

Looking forward to new puzzles! The first two were very fun to solve :grin:


I’m Filipe, and I’m a developer at Coda who spends all day working with angle brackets and semicolons. I’m one of six folks who have been at Coda since day 1, so I try my best not to bore folks with stories about ye olden times back in 2014 when we had to walk uphill both ways in just to write a formula!

Outside of work, I read voraciously, watch soccer, take pictures, occasionally write, and am a little bit obsessive about food, beer, and wine.


Hey! Really excited for this, thanks for putting it together!

I’m an operations specialist and shadow product builder for a New York startup. I’m particularly excited about structured data and automations. Outside the office, I’ve been known to bake a lot of food, eat a lot of baguettes, and run a lot to keep baking and eating. Like Evan, I enjoy a good :tumbler_glass: (or :cocktail:), and I used to do sound design and production for live theater.

I’m looking forward to metrics and more metadata—currently dreaming of charting a field’s historical data for metrics and tracking. Talk to me about relational databases and sub-tables!


Hi all - good to meet you! I’m a member of our go-to-market team here at Coda. I’ve mostly focused on sales and partnerships in my career, though have spent some time as a corporate consultant as well.

At Coda, I love learning how our product can be deployed in new organizations, and helping teams understand the fundamentals and navigate the particulars of adopting a new tool (including IT reviews, when those are necessary!).

Outside of Coda, I enjoy reading fiction and nonfiction (current: “Team of Rivals,” “The Mother of all Questions,” and “Wind / Pinball”), listening to Rolling Stones records, and parenting my opinionated toddler.


Hi everyone!

I’m Zoe, Jeremy’s teenaged sister. I am a right-brained person trying to learn how to code in order to balance myself out a bit. I keep a blog called ‘The iPad Artist’ (where I wrote a post about Coda.) You can also find me on twitter @glowz_art, where I post my art and thoughts.

I am super excited about the new Coda Community, to see what all you smart people are making with it! I love to learn, and create, and share, so this community is a dream come true.


So great to put some faces to names. :slight_smile: Definitely looking forward to seeing how coda docs might embed inside of discourse. I do love iframe problems…

Right, introductions! My name is Jakob, and I’ve been a fan of Coda since a recruiter showed me an mid-stage prototype almost a year ago. When not gleefully deleting Google Sheets, I develop customized training for engineering leadership teams under the Lead SV brand. Prior to that, I’ve lead large teams at Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Some fun things I currently use Coda for include

  • My entire social media pipeline (newsletter to blog post to medium to social sharing and campaign management)
  • Collaborative editing and review of unreleased content
  • All CRM functions (based on the coda template)
  • Training development schedules and project plans
  • Vendor evaluation matricies

I’m excited to chat with all of you, explore the product together, and build a great community.


Heeeey, this is cool. I’m excited to be a part of this.

I’m Connor McCormick, I’m a part of a start-up tracking parking availability at universities and large companies to make parking easier and facilitate a seamless transition to an autonomous car future.

I’ve been using Coda to manage the hardware and installation costs associated with our projects. Before Coda, I was the only one on my team who knew how to navigate the maze of formulas (and the 9 tabs) of the Google Sheet we were using. I was so frustrated with my document always breaking and the rest of my team’s inability to work on it that I rewrote the sheet twice and the documentation multiple times, I even considered switching to Access (shock, horror, etc).

I now have a bomb-proof, easy to use document to do everything (and more) that I wanted to do with the old one, and the rest of my team can even use it. Wow. I consider myself our team’s Chief Coda-ssuer, and I’m happy to get to participate in this community.


:wave:t3:What’s good, Coda crew!

I’m an investor, partnership builder, and connector of people and their “why”.

As someone whose livelihood relies almost entirely on relationships, I’m leaning on Coda to act as a knowledge repository and database for my actions and my connections. The product still has a long way to go before it can meet my needs, but the team is on a fast track to change that.

One of the things I’d like to change about Coda is its hierarchy. A Drive-style organization for Coda would be ideal; within docs, I’d like to add more levels of folders. Each doc can act as its own repository for data so I believe the hierarchy should reflect that.

A recent hack I found was using Views to separate information that spanned dozens of columns. Instead of showing all columns in a single table, I hid columns from one table and kept them displayed in a view of that table. This hack allowed me to see all my information at a glance without having to scroll over.

Two technical questions:

  • Is there any way to conditionally format items using formulas in cells?

  • Has anyone found a hack to reference a cell location via URL and use it in a formula?

I’m happy to be a part of this adventure to change the world (of docs)!

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Hi Zach @419 ,

When you say conditionally format with formulas in cells, what do you mean exactly? Could you give an example of waht you’d like it to do?

Edit: Words. Also, maybe this should be in the Ask The Community Section? How ought we go about this, @evan, everyone seems to be enjoying their intros.


Great idea @connormccormick83 Let’s take this to the Ask the Community thread - have the same question for @419 – do you have an example you can share?


:wave:Hey Everyone -

I’m really happy to be part of the early Coda community!

My name is Megan. I’m an investor based in San Francisco. I am a bit of an excel junkie but haven’t done that well with Google Docs, so I have been ecstatic about what Coda is building.
I use Coda to manage my never ending to do list, to help my teams collaborate on year end goals, to build a ‘portfolio tracker’, among many other things…thanks especially to Evan, Joe & the Coda team for helping me on-board super quickly! I’m really excited for the forward road map.

Personally, three things I would love to see in the future are: 1) the ability to create a variety of graphs; 2) an easy export function - it would be awesome to export to email, etc. easily; 3) some more formatting options in the tables

In my free time, I love the Cali sun given I’m originally from NY, discovering new music, reading, and my new habit of going to the driving range:golfing_woman:


+1 for graphics (reporting!)

Good morning everyone,

My name is Chandler and I work in the construction industry, which is typically slow to adopt new methods and technologies. I’m trying to change that by using tools like Coda, decentralized ledgers, and smart contracts to an industry ripe for disruption. (always looking for people with whom to connect. if you or know someone who is interested in that type of thing, please let me know.)

I’ve been using coda to schedule and manage the progress of my projects and also for a business development database.

I would like to see arrows or connections showing relationships between items on the gantt charts.


Hi Everyone,

I go by Cole Aspen and I run the fledgling indie blog about Coda ( and associated YouTube channel ( I use Coda to plan the blog and other projects. In my “real” life, I work on project management and UX design.


:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Hi everyone my name’s Al and I’ve been an avid Excel user since 2007 (learned on Excel 2003 woot woot). I designed an Excel keyboard cover for Macs which morphed into consulting, teaching workshops, and writing on my blog. I’m interested in productivity hacks and had a chance to test Coda when it was in stealth. Looking forward to learning best practices from the community and building awesome tools and apps in Coda.

One thing I would change
I’m a big believer in keyboard shortcuts, so I would add more keyboard shortcuts and rigor around shortcuts for navigating menus and entering data in forms in a doc.

Recent hack
This hack was inspired by this YouTube video by Tom Mohr and I think I saw it used in one of the Coda gallery templates. To create a simple entry form to add data to your master table, you can create a view of the table and set the filter on the view to =Column1.IsBlank() so that the row of data will be cleared out once you enter in the data to your filtered view. I find this filter formula to be more error proof than =Created(thisRow)>Today() because you won’t get a bunch of empty rows in your master table if you just click in the empty filtered view.

Technical Question
Is there a way to get the data type of a value? Specifically, I am curious about the People type. Is it text? Or some other kind of object? When doing comparisons between a person of People type with text of a person (which appears to be a People type) the result is not what I would expect.