Pack: Facebook Marketing Insights (Demo)

Hey, I’m currently working on a Facebook Marketing Pack, that helps to bring insights from Facebook & Instagram Ads into Coda.

I made a little recording how it looks like and how to make a Dashboard within minutes with it:

Facebook Dashboard DEMO · Jack’s Chewing Gums (DEMO) Watch Video

Here is the Jacks Chewing Gum Demo (open in coda for better view):

Because the whole ‘Custom Packs’ program itself is in Beta right now, I can’t share it yet – but is anyone interested in getting access as soon as it is possible?

I would also love to get some feedback/insights in how the pack would be used and what features would be absolutely necessary.

(You can also DM me or send a mail via


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:sweat_smile: oh thanks for noticing!

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Hi @Daniel_Stieber , just curious and posting here since it might help others - what are your main motivations for tackling this within Coda as opposed to existing solutions? Thanks!


Hey @Ed_Liveikis this takes a couple more lines than I first thought, but maybe it is an inspriation for other pack builders as well.

The answer is:
Mostly because I think Coda has the power to be the single source of truth for people, departments or even whole companies.

There are several tools for every solution and everyday new SaaS startups pop up. Thankfully with an API-economoy nowadays, almost every tool offers an API and you can connect your tool-stack. With Zapier & Integromat you can push and pull stuff around, but with Coda Packs you now have a way to create a ‘Homebase’ where all the good things can come together. And thatfor it will need packs for everything.

For marketing APIs, there is the obvious goal of making Dashboards – and there are several great existing solutions like whatagraph, supermetrics …, so this is just another option for people who might use Coda anyway and don’t want to add another tool to the list.
But besides the classic Dashboard there are additional ways to use a pack like this (someday :smiley: )

  • You can add buttons to interact with the media channels, e.g. stop, start or change campaigns in FB
  • You can pull out just a little information and make it useful in different context (see example below)
  • You can mix & match tools and make docs, pages & controls that no other tool offers right now

It all is a matter of use cases and creative ideas of makers.

Just a little example:
I made a doc for one of my clients: It is a global acting company and the doc is for country managers who overlook many markets. They don’t need to go into every dashboard in whatagraph or access tools like Buffer, all they want is to know if a market is running fine or not and access tools quickly.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-25 um 14.54.12

The table in the screen helps them to quickly access accounts if they want, but it also has an Ads indicator. It shows on a glance if a market is running Ads right now or not. I don’t now any other tool where I could have built the same ‘control center’ than Coda. For this client this is a helpful tool. For another client it will need something different.


Very cool thanks! I agree we’re using coda for the same types of things! I’m not sure if packs support a readme of some sort, but IMO every pack could benefit from having all this type of motivational info in the pack itself.

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Yea, they do - it’s called Coda. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, each pack has a “Listing”, presumably for the makers marketplace. But strangely, the plain text description field is not what I would expect from Coda. I agree - every pack should be a package much like a Github repository where details, instructions, and documentation could all co-exist as a unit. Hmmm, that sounds like a Coda document.

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And it goes a bit further as well - most analytics and business intelligence solutions lack the ability to blend narratives, reports, images, videos, actions, email, conversations and a variety of other data points that elevate the decision-making process. If you try to insert the many aspects of a Coda-like experience into disparate BI systems you’ll find great friction and typically no capacity to meet essential business requirements.

Coda [with custom packs and recent enhancements] has begun to provide a platform where knowledge can thrive and corporate amnesia can be treated.