📊 Has anyone figured out how to make a real dashboard [view all data]

Something like this? Where charts are laid out in one glance.

Or can I send data from Coda to Sheets and embed the sheet?


To be honest, I came to Coda to make personal dashboard Like you showed. But I’ve found that it is almost impossible to do this without the Column Layout.

So, I decided to wait.

waiting for layout in Canvas… I achieved a similar way with Layout in Detail View…
Basically I created a table with 1 row and several columns depending on the graphs/text you would like to have…

Each column has several medium/complex formulas that gets aggregate values from here and there (other tables). Then I switched the view from Table view to Detail View and… TADA… it works… of course it’s not ideal, but it’s acceptable…


Mad thanks @Francesco_Pistillo for that post. I had to make a dashboard yesterday and remembered about your trick that I noticed half a year ago and then forgot.

I expanded this into a separate post:

@Curtis_Smith, @Denis_Peshekhonov, @Francesco_Pistillo, @Jerry_Zhang, @Sam_Giligich, @Veha_Suwatphisankij, @Kurt_Kessler, @Jami_Haavisto, @Stephan_Graf [and anyone else who reads this later]
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Agree template levels are quite good in Coda, but no inspired data dashboards to show data in a meaningful way

Well @Alex_Whitton , as announced few months ago during the last Block Party :partying_face:, we will soon have a very New Editor which will introduce a feature you might be interested in :blush: : Page Layout :raised_hands: . It allows us to put content side by side… and can be used to create dashboard :blush:

If you wish to test it out, you can request access to the Beta here :point_down: :blush:

And if you want to know more about Coda New Editor and its features, you can take a look at this video :point_right: Block Party 2021 | Behind the building block: A new editor - YouTube :blush:


Thanks very much - but keen to see actual templates built so far, if anyone can recommend any that are duplicatable?

No problem @Alex_Whitton :blush: !

The feature is still in beta so it is recommended not to share anything publicly yet :wink:

Nonetheless, as part of the upcoming Custom Pack feature (still in beta too), the great @Daniel_Stieber shared his Facebook Marketing Insights Demo Pack :blush:
If you look at the doc he shared, the dashboard on the first page uses the Page Layout feature :blush:

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I second @Francesco_Pistillo remarks. I made several dashboards where I created a dummy table then use different columns to pull in data, set some controls at the top that work to filter those columns and use those columns to display charts. Works great! Now…when column layouts arrive…I’ll want to rework several pages! It’s going to be FANTASTIC!

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@Susan_M_Davis Here is an excel dashboard I use (fake data) pulled from a custom web app grid to excel - puzzling and seeking the use cases for Coda but requirements are limiting unfortunately - will continue to play in Coda

I think you could do most of that in Coda. You’d have to have a table maybe several holding the data. Those blue boxes on the top left I’m assuming are buttons. You would make those select’s where the user chooses the items to be seen. That top information would be done by some formulas put right onto the canvas that are pulling in filtered data and doing some calculations. Then I’d have a filtered table view. Because of the width, you’d probably need to do sub pages to see all your data. The one limitation Coda has is that it doesn’t to wide beyond the page layouts very well. You could build a dashboard (dummy table with layout of multiple columns) but I suspect it would squish things to fit the page width rather than allowing you to scroll right to see the rest. But you could make each column of data a sub page and just click to see that information. All of it could be driven from the choices made on the main page.