Lay out two tables side by side

Hi all,
My first post. I’m enjoying my Coda experience so far and learning all the time. I have two tables, which are essentially the same structure but the key column in each is a lookup from two different tables. Ideally I would like to place these two tables side by side rather than one under the other… Is this possible - I do have the screen real estate.

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Dear @Denis_Brennan,

As you know “Coda” is still in Beta. :bulb:

It’s not (yet) possible, but on the roadmap :world_map:.
Gradually new features will be rolled out over the coming weeks and this should be one of them.

Be patient, explore what is already possible :sparkles: you will be amazed :rocket:

Enjoy Coda,

Kind regards,
Jean Pierre

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Many thanks for this. I am enjoying it and will continue to experiment. I have another question but will post it separately to avoid corrupting this thread
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