Formatting content in to columns to make a 'homepage'

I am trying to figure out if formatting content in different columns is possible in Coda.

For example, have a look at this homepage made in notion.



Is something similar possible in coda?
I have briefly tried using tables to format text, but that takes away colors from icons and overall content just doesn’t look or feel right.
Am I missing something?

We don’t have this for the canvas yet, but it’s been a common request and something that we’ve talked about a good bit. No ETA, but it definitely in our notes.


While not full-width (unless you expand a view into full-screen mode), here’s one trick to do something similar with multiple columns (up to 4, I believe):

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Thanks Paul. Let me try this.

Hi Guys,

How can this template format content in 2 columns?

+1 definitely good feature

@trader_umr if the tables are not very wide, you can place a cursor after the table on the left, press Delete, and the table below this one will jump onto the same line as the previous table. Then just add whitespaces to get them apart from each other. Be wary that the tables will be aligned on the bottom, not top.

Also you probably have to hide the titles now, since the new table settings reserve more width:


Very interesting. Ta.

There are a few more things you can do:

  1. You can have a table with top groups, to display the same set of columns from the same table multiple times in the top:
    Show multiple buttons in a cell w/ lookup?

  2. If you just want to display some static content (e.g. links, like in the 2nd Notion screenshot), you can simply use a table and hide all decorations:
    How to create a menu for a website?
    PSA: How to make columns equally wide

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