Splitting a document in to columns... not just tables

So I was thinking about some data that I wanted to compare.

Obviously I’d prefer using Coda over anything else, but the power of doing calculations in the cell is just too great. Then I remembered that we can just do variables now in Coda! I was so pleased to just be able to do some calculations in a document and make them highly customized instead of relying on excel.

Anyways, data is always a better, in my opinion, especially when comparing it, if you can put it right next to each other.

So I was thinking how nice it would be if you could split a section in to columns for a certain part of it so you could put two columns of data on the page next to each other instead of having to just go down the page.

Here is what I was working on for reference.

I’d love to be able to split up the page and have those two sets of data right next to each other.


Totally agree. I’m working on a real estate template right now as well to manage showings, I’ll share it with you @tom when it’s ready :ok_hand:.

Great, Al. Look forward to it.

This or having two tables side by side I find would be incredibly useful.

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And / or the ability to display key data elements with a chart to the right would be very helpful.

Being able to have content like numbered lists and stats to be put side-by-side would be killer for creating dashboards for viewing in presentation mode

Columns would be awesome :slight_smile:

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Enabling columns within a doc would be very useful. Could then chose to have two or three graphs beside each other or two tables beside each other or an image and a graph… infinite options with this one improvement,

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+1 to this suggestion. Small tables consume too much height stacked.

Absolutely dying for this kind of feature too!