Column Layout for Coda

More than anything I would love it if I could have a dual column layout for coda. Where I could have one line of stuff (Text, bullet points, tables, Pictures etc. ) and then another line of stuff next to it. There is so much wasted horizontal space.

I tried to do this with layouts but that requires creating a table first. And You can’t just put multiple types of data into the same cell.

Ideally it would be nice If I could have only two cells next to each other, with let’s say, a bullet point. Is this possible with the current implementation of Layouts?

Something like this:


+1 on increasing user control over utilization of horizontal space.


In the old days when using regular docs, you achieved what @TechPlasma is asking for through a single row two column table.
I’ve been missing a “regular” table (:scream: Sorry! sorry!) in the old sense just for the purpose of page format.
For Instance, I’ve been unable to prepare a decent invoice page.

You can call this item “dumb table”.


The one thing that I always loved about numbers for mac was that you could drag and drop text boxes and tables where ever you wanted. coda would be perfect if you were able to lay things out exactly as you wanted.

a boy can dream - I would love to be able to use more horizontal space though!

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I’d also love to be able to do this.

Oh! I want this! be able to have two charts displayed horizontally

Surprisingly, Notion block system is not so convinient for texts, lists and pages there. But for tool like Coda with its tables, buttons, interactivity, packs etc it will be amazing. And, on the contrary, I dont need this blinking cursor to the right of the table. I won’t add text after table in the same line. I won’t place the table in the middle of text.

In my opinion, Coda’s developers need to rethink basic doc layout.


I just wanted to add my voice for greater control over canvas layout. Although the terminology is unfortunate, being able to use a table (i.e., like an HTML table, or the kind you find in Word or Pages) with merge-able rows and columns is an intuitive means for non-coders.

yes, this will be a great feature
especially for productivity, instruction, procedure etc,
sometimes i just need to fit everything in one page
so i can see the bigger picture easier
and see everything in one glance without need to scroll and scroll further

me too
coda table are the best, but sometimes i wish there was a dumb table,
you know, for organize my thought, make a quardrant table
strategy, information comparison,

with those two feature, i think coda could become a perfect app

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