Side by side blocks and more

Hello all. So I been with Notion for a few months and like the way I can design my pages with side by side information. Tables. Kanban galleries and more.

It’s make my overview much easier and fun to do.

Also having a hard time embedding. Widgets. Like weather or clock app.

Last. In notion one row is a full page on its own which is way better than the way you have it. I feel myself getting lost with the data and in the way u have it set. Not friendly.



Hi @Feedback_Entertainment.

Coming from Notion myself, I too am hoping for columns within the canvas and rows as pages. I’ve seen quite a few posts mentioning the same:

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


I really hope this becomes a thing. I initially made my post in 2018 and it still isn’t a thing. I actually wonder if they even care about usability at this point, or are consumed by trying to “integrate” everything they can.

Dark mode isn’t even a thing. Which I find astonishing.


I agree having “side by side blocks” or ability to have two or even more columns on canvas, however you want to call this feature :smiley:, would be extremely useful for lots of use cases. Hope Coda team provide some solution like that soon! :crossed_fingers: