Make multi-column page

Can I make multi-column page in like notion?

Hello @ailuropoda! It is not possible to do that directly in Canvas but if you use a table there is a view called Detail View that lets you move columns around.
Here I leave a nice article on Layouts.

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The detail layouts are great! We’ve created several for each of our main Tables.

But…was really surprised coming from that we can’t drag blocks on the Page (not in a table detail layout) to make columns like @ailuropoda is showing above.

Hopefully that’s in the dev pipeline because it makes all the difference in creating more useful and efficient Page layouts.

This trick by Paul is also a great way to accomplish side by side views until Coda develops the feature you are asking for:


That’s a very interesting hack. Thanks for sharing! :+1:t3:
But it’s terribly over-complicated when all we want to do is stack a couple of Text blocks or Bullet Lists side-by-side on a Page.

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Best you can do is make a table, remove all the decorations (column titles, grid lines etc), and put some content within those two cells side by side. You’re limited to some formatted text though, no inline formulas.

This isn’t exactly it, but you can get an idea how that would look.

Also very cool… Thanks for sharing!
Must closer to just wanting simple Rich Text (and possibly Image) floating to left/right columns.
What we’re wanting certainly doesn’t require the extra Tables and formulas to just render Rich Text content.

Certainly work for now…But still hoping Coda can just give us drag-n-drop Column Blocks like Notion does.

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I hope so as well. I’ve heard Coda is researching it as it’s a very often requested feature, but there are some technical roadblocks currently. Like, think of how tables, which now can be indefinitely wide, could interfere with multi-column content.

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It’s also a problem in Notion…stacking Tables side-by-side. The hack is to first convert the Tables into Pages, arrange them in columns, then turn them back into Tables and they’re retain their placement as columns.
Here’s a 1 min. video of the hack:

Agree, would really like to see this feature! Very helpful for trying to create a Team Dashboard, one of the pieces in Coda that I don’t really feel like I can create intuitively like you might expect in a lot of other more structured Work Management Apps.

Thanks for pushing this forward!