Coda seeking feedback on potential new feature!

Hey there!

We’ve heard your feedback, and Coda’s product team is now exploring the possibility of a new feature: canvas columns . To explain it simply, this feature would allow you to position content side-by-side in the canvas. At this point, we’re still in the exploration phase and can’t make any promises. And should we be able to move forward with this feature, it will likely take time (don’t expect to see it launched in the next few weeks). But with all that said, we’d love to get some more contextual feedback from our awesome customers.

If you’ve ever wished that you had canvas columns in Coda, if you use columns in other similar products, or if you just think this sounds like a cool idea, please feel free to complete this survey. In particular, we’d love to know how exactly you’d like to use canvas columns. If you have a sample doc you could share with us via that survey, even better!

Thanks for all you do to help us improve Coda :raised_hands:


It would make publishing coda docs much more attractive.
My request is that the columns would be resizable with easy drag and drop blocks into any column. It would be helpful to use them all the way to the right on full width pages as well.


Two things this would be immensely useful for are making dashboards, and emulating “normal” (non-database) tables.


Bumping this! +1
It would be much more flexible and maximize screen real estate (similar to Notion).
Of course the /outline feature should still work!

Thanks for chiming in here, y’all! Really helpful suggestions :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to share these with the team.


Plus one for this. One of the features I miss frequently as an erstwhile Notion user.

Columns would be great, I’d love this! I think It should allow columns of flexible numbers and widths on a page and to be able to change as they go down the page. (basically like Notion but with all the power and features of coda!)

  • It would still have to rearrange to a sensible size for phone and tablet apps
  • It would still have to allow the Page ‘outline’ to work
  • It should allow side by side elements to have different widths and heights,
  • It should allow elements in rows below to have different widths
  • And it should allow for all the usual types of elements to be side-by-side or in a column (tables, text, images, details, buttons cards, calendars, graphs etc)

like this:


So glad to see this topic being considered seriously. This is THE most missing feature of Coda in my opinion. Compared to Notion, coda feels simply a fancy document system with seriously powerful task management system in addition. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s lot more behind it. I love coda, and have moved away from Notion after 6 months of heavy use. And I would not move back with the speed of your development and listening to customer feedback.

The lack of being able to get a overview and creating nice dashboards really hurt though.

I hope you can bring something similar to notions vertical dividers to Coda. At least 3 columns is a must. Drag and drop ability of all kinds of items into the columns (text, images, tables, embedded pages etc). Flexible resizing of the column width. Workable both in normal and full size views. This would give so much to the dashboard crowd. Especially with higher resolution screens.


OMG … can someone please let me know when will this feature be available? I’m tearing my hair out trying to format a report that has a long narrative summary field that needs to be arranged to sit on top of a number of short side-by-side columns… why is this so hard??? :weary:

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I am migrating all my clients fron NOTION to CODA because it has way more automation and computational features


all my notion documents use multiple columns to place several table views side by side and my clients LOVE this

but in coda those views must be placed UNDER each other and the poor user must SCROLL up and down all the time

i have tried to mitigate this as much as possible by using complex formulas that generate ‘table-like’ text (eg bullet lists etc) to simulate multi columns

but my clients cannot safely modify these as they are not formula-whizzkids
and they cant create their own solutions either

this is a HUGE hindrence in migrating executives from notion to coda

so… a big (( +1 )) from me for this feature

max xyzor

(ive added my response to the survey)

Just to add one comment: we are currently looking at different SW solutions for a new company we are setting up and this is a DEAL BREAKER - if these layout options remain to be so mediocre Coda cannot be an option for us, which would be a pity as otherwise your solution is great!

Is there any kind of information when this is going to be made available - April is already quite some time ago :wink:


just flagging the o.p on this latest post


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Today I also ran into this problem, it looks strange when several tables are located one under the other, although they could be arranged in blocks horizontally.

Missed a thread:

It would make me happy if we get just some of all these nice things. However, sometimes we need to print our pages (to pdf) and without forced page breaks it will look horrible. So please, introduce a page break to insert in our pages.


This feature would be really helpful to me. Are there any updates on this feature?


Hey everyone :wave: Thanks for the continued interest and feedback on this. We’re sharing more on our progress on this feature (and some sneak previews) at our Block Party event on October 6. Be sure to register here!


Are there any news on when this will be publicly available? I was attending the Blockparty and signed up for beta access, but have not heard a thing. Awaiting this feature very much.

This might interest you @Carl_Haugen :blush:


Has there been any progress made on this feature? It would be a game changer and it sounds like it’s been in the works for a while.