Columns -- columns -- columns

I think the subject says it all:

— columns — columns — columns with columns would break this thing wide open.
“The Doc that behaves like an App” --Okay… but an App without simple formatting functionality like columns?

— columns — columns — columns

Can you at least tell us if it is on the Roadmap? (trying to decide between Notion and Coda)

please oh please oh please,

-love Coda - just don’t like the lack of columns - in case that wasn’t clear ;). - GO CODA!


I would love me some Coda columns!


I believe that a more flexible canvas with columns is on its way and actively being developed right now. Maria Marquez mentioned this in the last webinar about custom templates. She mentioned that the big hurdle to overcome was performance and not killing Doc’s performance. They want to do it right.

I think everyon looks at Notion and sees the potential here. It’s on its way.

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