Creating Columns of Text

I stumbled on a method to create adjacent columns of text, so I developed it a little bit and came up with this. It’s not a perfect solution. But until that functionality is introduced, this is one way to go about it!

(Please open in full screen with max horizontal space to see the full effect.)


Wow!!! Super impressive! Its very exciting to see you pushing the boundaries of the product. -

Also wanted to acknowledge that supporting columns layouts in canvas text is definitely many customers have asked about and it is definitely on our backlog.

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This is really nice! Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Whoa! This is so cool!

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Presenting Columnizer 2.0

A more dynamic and actually much simpler columnizer based on tables, no hidden buttons or sophisticated actions. You supply a full text, add/remove as many rows to the Columns table as you want columns for your text, optionally adjust fine distribution of text between columns, and the doc does the rest.

Plus, you get an added benefit of using tables for columns: you can adjust their width by dragging, and the content is always top-aligned.

Open in new maximized tab to experience the magic in full.


Awesome! Looks great, Paul. Love seeing you expand on this idea.

Hey did you notice I used your WHILE loop implementation buried in the hidden columns of my original doc? Credit where credit is due. :raised_hands:

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