Features Request

Features that are still missing from Coda:

  1. Columns on pages. This is the one thing that Notion does better than Coda and the only thing I miss. It is nice to be able to have more than one column on a page!

  2. Ability to make pages inside a table. If I want a table of pages to make it easier to manage things, this is again something Notion does that Coda does not. It’s not a deal breaker but it is annoying.

  3. API that works with something other than the over-priced Zapier. It works great but those of us using this for individual purposes and not business cannot afford the cost of Zapier and Coda. So that limits us to 3 items we can automate. If you would integrate with IFTTT (cheaper than Zapier) or with Microsoft Flow/Power Automate (which is already included with O365 subscriptions and therefore cheaper than Zapier) then Coda could be much more powerful.

  4. Make comments accessible through functions and coding. It would be nice to be able to filter by things that have comments that aren’t resolved, or be able to send an email for all items with comments that are unresolved, etc.

Other than that, Coda is a fantastic tool!

Thank you.


@Susan_M_Davis [and anyone else who reads this later]
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