A few suggestions after many many months of usage

Although I generally agree with you, let me say a couple of words about each point:

  1. I totally agree with need for more styling abilities, but I think this shouldn’t be done via CSS. Current WYSIWYG approach is much more friendly for the majority of users. And there are a lot of options that Coda Team need to do with styling: document layout, document layout is very requested feature, improve detail view, charts, custom conditional format.

  2. There are also a lot of modifications with controls should be done. E.g. you can’t apply the item chosen from the dropdown to all selected cells at this moment. The lack of Disable If option, normal default values, ability to use subfield in lookup (when it is needed) etc…

  3. Here and below I explain why column names should not be any kind of dynamic.

  4. So, the selection is not the only problem of mobile layout.

And there is also a couple of serious general/engine problems too: variable context, browser detection, local decimal separators

I believe that Coda Team reads our suggestions and fills their backlog )