Keep select list values the same on new rows

Hello, new user to coda and very much a beginner. I am creating my first doc and I have a column that is formatted as a select list and a button that adds a new row to the table. When a new row is added, I want the new item in the select list column to be the same as on the previous row. For example if user selects option “Apple” on the first row, it would remain “Apple” for all new rows until they changed it to “Banana” then it would remain “Banana” on new rows until changed again. Any suggestions?

Hi @Jimmy_Boggs,

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Here’s a document that shows how you can build “last order carry forward” in coda. There are two ways you could do this - they are in different sections (please click on icons on left bar to switch)

here’s a GIF that shows it in action.
Approach 1:

Approach 2:

if you could tell us in more detail what you are trying to build, we can probably suggest few other approaches.


Thanks! Both solutions work great, I went with the first one for my doc. I am trying to built a doc to tally logs (as in cut trees). It is intended to calculate the board footage of lumber that can be cut from a log based on the length and diameter. The user would select the type of log (Oak, Maple, Hickory) then enter the length and diameter of the log to calculate it’s board footage based on a formula. I currently use an excel spread sheet to do this, but found coda on the iOS app store and thought it might be able to create an easier to use solution, so I’m trying it out. I couldn’t find any such doc already created in the templates, so I’m creating one from scratch. I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I work my way through. Thanks so much for your solution to my current problem.

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