Noob, coming from Excel, really hopeful this is my new 'go to' solution

I just stumbled on CODA while browsing (as I do, often) through the Apple app store. I’m always looking for the “magic potion” to solve my lengthy/OCD/ADHD/hoarding “to do” list problem. I will not be part of a team - just me.

My first attempt to accomplish something here involved copying/pasting a sample of my current list from Excel to CODA. Worked great.

Then, I changed my “last modified” column from the text that came over to a formula showing the last modified date/time for each row. But, what I will want to do is paste in the current values and then apply the formula for changes going forward - i.e., keep my current “last modified” values but have the data changed as I start modifying rows in CODA.

Is that going to be possible?

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You could create a second column that has the original modified date, then in the new modified date column, you can adjust the formula to an If( , , ).

Something like “If the Coda modified date is equal to the day you copied things over, then use the original modified date, else use the Coda modified date.”

Kind of a work around, but it might do the trick until you’ve all items are up to speed on Coda with new modified dates.

And I suppose I could hide the “static” mod date, and just refer to it… Thanks for the idea.

Hi @Cara_Madra, I just posted an example that might be related with this: [Data Import] Walkthrough importing (relational) data.

Let me know if it helps.


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I thought about this again - I think I’m going to love CODA - and thought all I had to do was add the Modified function for new rows only. But then my existing (imported) rows will never get this field updated. I’d really like to “copy > paste values” for my imported modified dates and then make the entire Last Modified column be a function that gets updated with any change to the row.

Is there any such “copy > paste values” capability on top of a column containing a formula?

(Right now, I have VBA code that runs on the Worksheet_change event and sets the last mod column if the column being changed is the task title or notes. I want to do something similar in Coda, if I can.)

Warning - I’m going to have LOTS of "Here’s what I do with VBA - how do I do it in CODA questions.)

Have you had a look at Automations?
You can trigger any automation based on a column change.

To echo @Federico_Stefanato’s point, the Automation would probably be the best option here as a good substitute for VBA. Unfortunately there’s no way to paste values into a column with a formula since formulas in Coda get applied to the entire column and not to selective rows (like you have in spreadsheets). This allows for more consistency and less errors in your tables.

I would probably set up an automation where if it notices a data change in one of the rows that contains a manually imported original modified date, the automation would simply delete the value in the original modified date column. Then the formula that @BenLee suggests would show the result of the Modified() formula.

Separately, we have a category in the community dedicated to people like yourself coming from spreadsheets. @maria and I will also be doing a few webinars/crowdcasts in the new year about translating tools and models in spreadsheets to Coda docs. Keep a look out for those sessions!

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