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I have a roadmap table that includes ‘releases’ and launch dates. Every monday we look at the releases where the launch date has changed and we want to be able to look at what the previous date was.

So, i’ve added a column “Previous Launch Date” so that I can see this on a weekly basis. However after sending out the weekly report, i’m trying to add a button that will update the “Previous Launch Date” for all releases with whatever value is in the “Launch Date” so that if if changes again, we can tell what the previous date was (we don’t really need to track changes historically so we’re ok overwriting this one column).

I’m pretty new to coda, so far I have this:
ModifyRows(Releases,Releases.[Previous Launch Date],Releases.[Public Launch Date])

However, this takes ALL the public launch dates and puts all of them into every single row of the previous launch date. Any ideas?

Hey @rebs welcome to the Coda community!

For this type of thing its usually helpful if you can share an anonymized version of the doc so one of the community experts can take a look and give you a fix or accurate insight. Sometimes when we post we have the ‘curse of knowledge’ and don’t describe the totality of what might be causing the issue.

In your case, it seems like it may be that in your ModifyRows() formula, your third field, the value for the column, is referencing the entire column [Public Launch Date] from the Releases table, which is what you describe.

Try adding thisrow. to the value field, then it will rewrite the value from that specific row. If that doesn’t work, share the doc and I can look further.

Best of luck! Wecome to Coda :dizzy:


Hi @Johg_Ananda ! Thanks for your help…
I still can’t seem to figure it out, here is a copy of the project

So the “Data” page is where I’m trying to add this button, the idea is that we send out an email with the update every monday morning, and after sending we use the button to update “Previous Launch Date” to “Public Launch Date”

I tried adding the thisRow pretty much anywhere within the modify rows formula but couldn’t solve the problem

this is what i updated it to:
ModifyRows(Releases,Releases.[Previous Launch Date],filter(Releases.[Public Launch Date],thisRow))

but i’m still getting ALL the Public Launch Dates added to each single cell - i think i’m using the thisRow incorrectly because if I click on it on the formula I see this:

i’ve tried to find documentation on how to use thisRow but there isn’t much available

OK great job. I would really advise you to look at the where you can understand some of the concepts like thisrow and currentvalue better as these really get to the core of what makes Coda special.

And sometimes we want to just solve our problem! In this case try prepending thisrow in front of the Releases.[Previous Launch Date] such that it reads thisrow.[Previous Launch Date].

You see the [Previous Launch Date] refers to the entire column from Releases which you referenced by prepending it. It brings in the all of the rows from the column; thisrow tells it to only provide the value from that column of the current row.

Hey @Johg_Ananda thanks again for the help - but it still doesn’t seem to work…
I tried these two:

  • ModifyRows(Releases,thisRowReleases.[Previous Launch Date],Releases.[Public Launch Date])
  • ModifyRows(Releases,thisRowReleases.[Previous Launch Date],filter(Releases.[Public Launch Date],thisRow))

For both cases I get this error message:

@rebs the permissions on your doc don’t allow me to view it. Can you make it public?