A button to insert the current date

Hi, I’m using Coda to track staff onboarding - in essence, logging the creation of any online accounts or ordering of any equipment needed, etc.

Currently, I have a table in Excel with columns to chart the progress of each stage - i.e. a column for each task that must be completed for each new member of staff.

The way I have always worked is by inserting the current date in a column once that task has been completed for that user - e.g. one date in one column to confirm when their equipment was ordered, another date in another column to confirm when their equipment was received, etc.

I was wondering if it was possible to have a button in each column that would enter the current date when clicked? I’ve tried creating a button and using the ‘modifyRows’ formula but it doesn’t allow you to modify the cell that the button is in (if that makes sense).

Any help on this would be appreciated, as well as any wider advice on charting/logging similar onboarding tasks. Thank you!


You’re on the right track - you just need to add a column “date”. And then in your button use modifyrow to modify Date to Today().

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