Way to auto update the date in a column when I edit another column?

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Is there a way to auto update the date in one column when I edit another column?
I’m trying to have one column show when I last updated notes. And in the column next to it, I’m updating notes on a continuous basis. Whenever I update the notes, it would be amazing if the date column updated automatically to the current date that I made each note update.

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Hi @YK_Hong, check out the Modified() formula. I think this should do exactly what you’re looking for:

Dear @alden,

Like many of us are facing this problem, would mind to update the sharing settings?

Maybe a good opportunity to schedule an update to the initial settings for sharing?

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Whoops, done. And good feedback (will pass it along to the team working in this area). Agreed that it’s pretty subtle, especially since the embed appears to work for the currently logged in user.

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Thanks! When I implement this formula, it changes all of the dates to today. In the entire row. Is that a one time thing that happens now because I’ve just implemented the formula? Or am I doing it incorrectly?


Dear @YK_Hong,

You should have in mind to add the column name before modified, in this way only when this specific column row is updated the last update time stamp will be put.

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I did add the column name before .modified()
Mine is LastUpdate.Modifed()

When I implement that it updates all of the dates in that column to right now.
I am trying to only have the row that I updated update the date.

Dear @YK_Hong,

Would you mind to share a dummy copy to review?

Am I sharing this correctly?

Dear @YK_Hong

Your doc is not possible to be copied to see the formulas you used.

For the simplicity I made a quick sample, that hopeful makes clear

Okay. So what I am understanding is this. When I add the new formula to an existing column where I have been updating the dates manually, it changes all of the dates to now because it doesn’t know when I wrote the actual notes. Meaning, because I have existing data, it doesn’t know when I wrote that data so it’s like starting from scratch. And after I apply the formula it should work in the future.

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Hi @YK_Hong,

Yeah, unfortunately it will not be possible to show the updates from before

Got it. Thanks so much!