Formula Help - Greater than X days in <Date Column>

Purpose: - I’d like to create an easy system for the team to see when a project hasn’t been updated in 6 days so the team can hold itself accountable.

Specific Idea - highlight the text update field if it’s more than 6 days since an update.

Request - I am new to the formula language and don’t understand what formula to enter into the conditional formatting formula editor.

I’m trying to add a formula to conditional formatting that would highlight every row that has a modified date of greater than 6 days

HI James,

Try this:

Rambling Pete

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Thanks for responding Pete. I’m trying to do this based on a change to a particular column in the row. So I changed thisRow for the Column Name, but it seems to be applying the column to every row now.

I added Last Updated, which shows the modified date of This Week’s Update for context.

Hi James:

Coda only keeps track of the last change to the row, not of any particular column. But since you have the date in the Last updated column, you can just say “Last Updated” - Today() >6.

Just for interest: below is how I capture updates in my doc -

  • There is an update column
  • An archive column of previous updates
  • And a button to move the most recent update to archive, to make room for the new entry. But with a button we can do anything. Currently I put today’s date as a prefix to the new update, you could also put the date in your Last Updated column"



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