Auto highlight a date cell if it's older than a certain number of days

Hi there!

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue and was wondering if I could get some assistance!

I have a “Last Contacted” column in my CRM, and I am either hoping to:

  1. Have it highlight automatically (maybe with a specific color) if it’s older than a certain number of days. For example, if the last time I contacted them was more than 3 weeks ago, I want the cell to change color.
  2. OR (less preferable) have an alert send me an email if it’s older than certain number of days.

Is this possible?



Hi @YK_Hong,

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You can add conditional formatting to highlight any column based on a particular criteria. Here’s a simple formula you can use for finding anything with a date before 7 days before today.

thisRow.Date < Today()-Days(7)

Thanks for the response. I might need to be walked through this one.

Am I going to Last Contacted (my row I’m trying to work with) > Conditional Format > Edit Format > Add formula > add the formula you gave > then apply to Last Contacted with set format to, say, Red highlight.

If I do that, nothing changes so I’m assuming I’m not doing this correctly.

Thanks in advance!

Where I have thisRow.Date in the formula, you might need to have thisRow.[Last Contacted] instead.

You rock. Thank you so much! That did it.

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