Shifting Column Data by Row: Modify Row populates all the rows

Using a Modify Row Button I am trying to move the values form one month column to the next, but instead it populates all the values from the next column in each row of the target month column.
Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 6.59.23 PM

This is the Formula. How would I get it to populate from one row to the next specifically?
[Monthly Forecast Spend].Formulamap(currentValue.ModifyRows([Monthly Forecast Spend].[Current Month], [Monthly Forecast Spend].[Next Month]))

Any help is appreciated! Thank You!

Hey @Admin_Celium !

Try something like this

Here is the formula I used

Reach out if you need anymore help!

Hey, Admin! Welcome to the Coda Community! It looks like you mixed up CurrentValue with a table reference, which makes the entire Next Month column get dumped into each row ([Monthly Forecast Spend].[Next Month]), when instead you just want that specific row’s value to be copied to the column for that row (CurrentValue.[Next Month]).

[Monthly Forecast Spend].Formulamap(CurrentValue.ModifyRows([Monthly Forecast Spend].[Current Month], CurrentValue.[Next Month]))

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the help! That worked great!