Problem using FormulaMap + AddorModifyRows to move rows from one table to another

Hi all,
Apologies I know this has been covered before but I still can’t figure out where I’m going wrong. I’ve tried to model after Copy Row From Table to Table. I’d like to copy rows from one table to another all at once with a single button push. But each copied row is having multiple values per cell.

See here:

Hi @Patrick

It should be fixed.

One key thing to keep in mind when using such short names for the columns is that Coda formula engine autosuggest might not find them when you cerate a formula. You should name them something longer then A, B or C when you are in the build phase.

Secondly you were copying a list of items and not individual rows as you instructed the AddOrModifyRows to equal a list (see 4th line in the screenshot)


See the difference


Hi @Cristian_Nichifor ,
Thanks for your help, it works as expected now. I’ve gone through all the intro videos but I can’t figure out how to avoid referencing a list/array when I mean to reference individual rows. The default behavior in Coda seems to be referencing a list when I type “FromHere.AFirst” and press Enter. How did you write the first vs second sets of code above? Thanks again.

Hi @Patrick

The intro videos and not only that aren’t the most helpful and sometimes they are outdated.

I can record a loom for you based on your document you shared. I requested access to it.