Automate data from one cell to another

I am trying to use a coda automation to get the data from a cell in Table 1 to a cell in Table 2. The issue is that Table 2 would need multiple cells updated from Table 1 so lookup does not work. Are there other formulas that would be able to grab a specific cell ID everytime?

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Welcome to the community. The beauty of Coda is that it is so wildly flexible and there are usually many many ways of accomplishing what you are trying to do in any instance.

But depending on your specific use case, one way can be better than another.

Can you perhaps share a bit more about your specific context and use case? The gold standard is sharing a copy of the doc here so the community can demonstrate and help out!



Every week we have data automatically populated into this table

I want to set the automation on the right to create a new row and specifically pull that metric into the new row. I am able to add a formula into these automations but can’t seem to find one that would grab from a specific cell everytime.

Hi Tanveer,

Are you open/ Is it possible to change your data structure? Just add a column for the week to Data populated table, and then group the rows as required.


Looks like you are going to need formulaMap()!

So instead of putting the formula into the “Value of . . .” part of your automation, make the entire automation a formula that is along the lines of:

[Data Populated].formulaMap(addRow([New Table], team, currentValue.Team, Metric, currentValue.Metric, Value, currentValue.Value))

That should add one row to your new table per row in your “Data Populated” table with the unique values

FormulaMap() should be your best friend in coda, she’s a wonder

Heres some helpful documentation I’ve written on the formula in case its helpful

After that, if you want to grab a specified cells value, you can always reference a specific row using the @ tag and chain out the value.

So in your table you could write: @Number of leads.Value to grab the value of a specific cell.

What Piet said might also help too! I still don’t fully understand your larger use case, doc structure, etc. But you could also change the doc structure to find an easier/more straightforward route


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