Automating templated form population

Hey all,

I’m going to be moving a standardized form to coda and the intent is to have the fields auto-populate from a related table that is already set up and in use. I’m hoping to figure out a way that when a new row is added, the template is applied with all the fields. Has anyone done anything like this before? Any templates you can point me to that are similar?

Thanks in advance.

:wave: Hey there!

Can you clarify a bit what exactly you are trying to accomplish?

Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir, sure.

I work for a recruiting firm and we currently have commission worksheets that need to be created for each new search. These were originally in Word, which I moved to Excel so that the math was done for me. We use clickup for task/project management and I’m already sending information from clickup to coda for rollup and other financial metrics, so I realized the data to populate the commission worksheets was already in coda. I’d love to use that data to automatically populate a commission worksheet whenever a new search is created.

Does that give you enough context?

I’ve used templates and automations in coda before, but not automation to fill out a template that will be half text, half data, some of which is the exact information from the table but others will need math done to them.

I figured before I tackle this on my own, perhaps there’s some templates similar to this I can review.


Hi Karina,
If you have this information already, why put it in the form?
There is an option called “Value for new rows” that supports formulas and is meant to be used to set a rule to input a value a new row. Can you share an example of what you are trying to recreate?

@Tomislav_Mamic I need to put it in a form since we have the recruiters sign off on each of them. This serves to explain the commission structure per search and also as an agreement then between them and the company.

I unfortunately can’t share an example due to the information that’s captured in it.

Im still a little confused on what you are specifically trying to accomplish. Are you just attempting to have an external form have its editable fields auto-populated by a table already within Coda?

So that when a recruiter pulls up the external form they are essentially “signing off” on information rather than inputting information?

If so you would just use a combination of format() and EncodeforUrl() formulas to craft unique URL’s per row per recruiter.

Sorry - Hard to help without some sort of shared doc or more thorough example! I’ve worked with forms probably more than any other area of Coda though so happy to help once I understand your specific use case


So the below is a part of the existing form:

. I’ve cut off the names on the left on purpose.

Below what you see, there is text describing the breakdowns and then lines for 2 signatures.

The information for the top section is already in the coda table. I would need to add data that breaks down the percentages by user for the main table you see, and then would want all this information pulled into a coda version of this doc. Ideally any time a new row is added to the table, it auto-populates this template and is ready for export to pdf and signing.

Does that help?

Okay, I think I get it. What you mean is automated population of a report, not a form.
By forms, in Coda we mean this:

Yes this is doable, actually Coda is very good tool for this.
One general example of how someone does this is this one.

If you want I can help you set up the initial implementation.

@Tomislav_Mamic yes; “report” or “template” was probably a better word than “form.” Apologies.

And thanks for the template but I don’t see any “report” that’s a combination of text and formulas.

@Scott_Collier-Weir yes: “form” that is auto-populated and signed off on, not with information inputted.

I used your example to recreate a doc.
You can try exporting as PDF to see how it looks like printed.


OMG! Thank you so much! I’ll take a closer look. Appreciate it.