Is there a way to autofill numbers in cells like a sheet?

Hi all, in a spreadsheet you can drag from the bottom right corner of a cell to autofill cells above or below with numbers that continue on, is there a equivalent way to do this in Coda?
Without the use of a formula as I’d like the contents to still be plain text and I don’t want to effect the entire column.


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Hi @Josh_Unwin - you could try using “Default Value” to do this. So everytime you add a row it is populated but you can overwrite it too


This has been bugging me for something I was making so I did a small improvement on Mallika’s version. Using the RowIDs can work on new tables but can will random results if you have deleted rows before and doesn’t take into account your numbering pattern. Which is what I needed in my table.

So again the default value, like Mallika said, you could do:

Nth(thisTable.[Column 1],thisTable.[Column 1].Count())+1

This looks for the last row and does +1 on the number. You can spam the (+) button to add many rows.

This only works when you add new rows at the bottom of the table, one at a time.
It won’t work when you add multiple rows since they will all have the same number.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I copy/paste from Gsheets! (is that cheating?)

It automatically creates new rows. Also if you select multiple columns it populates all columns.

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@Dalmo_Mendonca - cheating no way! All is fair in sheets and docs :wink:

That said - it is feedback for our team so we can ensure you don’t have to go all over the place to do this.

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