Sequencial Copy of Numbers in Coda Doc

Can we copy the numbers in sequence in the Coda Doc?


Can you be a bit more specific in what you want to do with these numbers?
One option is to look into the Sequence(start, end, stepsize) formula.
So for a list of numbers from 1 to 3, this would be =Sequence(1,3) (stepsize is 1 by default).

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hi @Secret_Admirer, is this what you are looking for?

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Thanks for the ideas.

So what I mean is, if you recall how copying a number onto multiple columns works in Excel (+ Symbol and dragdown)?

Similarly in excel, when we drag the number onto multiple columns, then right click and select ‘Fill series’, the number gets into a series and fill out the rest of the selected columns in a sequence?

So do we have an option as ‘Fill series’ in Coda? Just as in Excel?

Dear @Secret_Admirer,

There is no simular "fill series as in Excel, available in Coda.
Depending on the usecase you can use the method as explained by @GJ_Roelofs or what comes in my mind adding rows with the required sequence by using a button.

Success, :handshake:


Some other suggestions here:

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