Sequential numbering with alpha numeric characters

Hello! We regularly create tables that have “Row ID” columns in them. It would be great if there was a way to drag down or auto-populate the sequential pattern of alpha-numeric characters so that we don’t have to manually type them in. Here’s an example below:


I’d like to be able to continue the numbering at the end of the string automatically. I’ve tried a couple of the formulas I’ve found in here but none seem to be what I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance for the help!

All rows in Coda have a built in row id that you can see with the formula RowId(thisRow). If you need the lettering included you can use concatenate() or use the + to concatenate them together.

Edit: The RowID formula is based on the row creation number, not where it resides in the table. It just happens to align for this example. But they can move around in the table and have this number. If you need based on where they appear in the table thats a different solution.

This is perfect! One question though. Is there a reason it would jump from -3 to -63 when I fill in the remaining rows? Could it be from rows in the original table being deleted?

Yes, the deleted rows is exactly why it goes to 63 from 3. You are seeing that the rowid is based on the row creation number there.

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use find()


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Rather use the Concatenate() function rather than ‘+’. ‘+’ is a mathematical operator, and can sometimes lead to unexpected results when used to concatenate strings.

Using Row-id will give you the number of the row when it was created. That number will never change, but can lead to unexpected results if deletions were made before the numbering started.
Using find(thisrow) will solve that problem, but because it is a formula, the number can change. There are several ways in which it can change: If the table is resorted; if entries are deleted, if entries are inserted in the sequence, etc.

To ensure that the entries cannot be renumbered, a button to populate that column is probably the best option.

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