Sequential numbers

I’m moving my business from Airtable to Coda and so far, I like it a lot.
One thing I couldn’t find was the possibility of adding autonumbers or sequential numbers. I searched this forum and found some workaround using formula but it’s not the same thing. I use it for invoice numbers and older numbers aren’t supposed to change if I add a row or change the order of the record
Will it ever be implemented?

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hey @Breno_Nunes can you be a bit more explicit in what you are trying to do? I’m guessing but here is a possible solution. You have a table [Invoices]:

[Invoice] [Amount]
5 $100
6 $100
7 $100

What you can do is create a stand-alone formula, say ‘Max Invoice’ on the canvas that =[Invoices].[Invoice].max() which will return 7.

Then you could have another formula, say ‘Next Invoice’ which =[Max Invoice] + 1.

Then in your [Invoices] table, format the invoices column so that Value for New Rows' formula = Next Invoice.

You can of course merge these formulas into one for simplicity. Good luck!

Hi @Breno_Nunes,
firstly, welcome to this community!

As @Johg_Ananda suggests, this might be a smart implementation.

However, just note that RowId(thisRow) is the exact homologous as Autonumber column in Airtable.

You can even automatically set it up by adding a new Row ID column from properties:
snap .
Hope it helps.

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Hi @Johg_Ananda and @Federico_Stefanato
Thank you very much for the speedy reply.
I am going to try it.