Launched: Auto-fill rows in your data set with AI

Often, when you are building out new tables in Coda, one or more columns contain data that follows a pattern: a task tracker might have a column with a repeating set of team names, or if you are tracking inventory, you might add a column with each month of the year.

Now, instead of manually typing or copy/pasting, Coda AI can auto-fill these rows by following that pattern, which helps you build out your data much faster.

Auto-fill Community

To use AI column auto-fill, follow these steps:

  1. Select the rows in the column that contain data. Drag down until you’ve selected them all.
  2. Hover over the blue dot that will appear in the bottom right corner, which will say drag down to auto-fill with AI.
  3. Continue dragging down, until you have covered all of the rows you want filled.
  4. AI will then auto-fill these selected rows.

Save time populating table data with Coda AI so you can focus on what’s important—making the most out of your data.


Great feature! :+1: :raising_hand_man:


Great feature, looking foward to trying that out.

Yet, another occasion to ask for a “Disable AI” button …


Impressive! Had to try it

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Love this so much! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to spell out all the months :expressionless:


Cool. But would using it consume workspace AI tokens?


Yeah is there any update on removing some of this AI clutter?
Screen Shot 2024-02-21 at 7.28.13 PM


Wow I’m getting some deju vu excel flashbacks.

@Tim_Richardson1 @Johg_Ananda :grin: :crazy_face: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :love_you_gesture:

Hey there! This is a really cool feature and I’ve used it in a couple docs already

But one quick question, I’ve noticed it sometimes no matter what to do it just copy pastes the initial information

It doesn’t even spend time thinking like AI normally would it just instantly populates the exact exact same information from the copied cell

And then other times the AI actually works

One last question, can I do this across multiple columns?

I believe the answer is yes, I’ve tested it out, but does it have a limit? Can I do it across 10 comms at once? Only two?

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Very cool. It would be good to have a sense of how many credits this will use.

a feature release a bit too untransparent about the AI utilize or perhaps a feature dark patterns ?

So far it seems it just duplicates the same value like you can do in google sheet. Would be nice to have the option to disable the ai thing in cells and if you want to use it in a certain column you enable it as an option or just make an ai column.

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Yes, this does use AI tokens for the most part. A few caveats:

  • If your workspace does not have ai enabled, we fall back to a non-ai version (simple arithmetic/date sequences and repeating values only)
  • If we detect a simple arithmetic or date sequence, we’ll just do that and avoid invoking AI

Hi Scott,

  1. If you only select one value, we always just copy/paste that value in to all other cells without invoking ai
  2. Yes, you can do it across any column that supports ai (excludes calculated columns, and some column formats)


One clarification though as I may have not been clear. What I meant is can I select multiple columns at once.

Aka if I have a table of people with columns name, email, age, location and select ALL those columns and drag down, will AI drag and fill downwards for all columns at once?

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Yes, there is no limit on the number of columns you can include in the selection.

The only caveat is that certain columns do not support AI, and if your selection includes an unsupported column, the blue dot to drag down will disappear. The currently supported types are Canvas, Link, Lookup, Text, Select, Checkbox, Number, Currency, Percent, Scale, Slider, and Date. Any columns with existing formulas are also unsupported.


So you could give us an AI-less simple auto populate as requested in the community so many times? (Dates, numbers…)

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Hi Daniel,

We do first try to complete your selection using non-ai. However, if the pattern is unsupported, we fall back to ai. We’ll continue to update supported simple patterns, but for now if your selection is a simple arithmetic numeric/date sequence, it will not consume AI credits.




You say:

Why not add an option to choose, on the fly, between AI and non-AI? Wasting AI credits on number and date sequences seems silly and wasteful. Maybe something like drag for non-AI and Shift + drag for AI?


I just read you last post where you clarify that Coda first tries to auto-fill without AI. That’s a good start. Does anything indicate which option, AI or non-AI, is being used? I think many would still find it useful to be able to specify between options on the fly.