Launched: AI prompt builder and one-click summary for faster AI-generated insights

Coda AI is a powerful tool for extracting key information from your team’s content. Often, makers use Coda AI to summarize briefs, pull out action items from meeting notes, and analyze customer feedback, so we’ve made it easier to accomplish these goals.

New AI column prompt builder to create AI content in every row.

If your table data contains a lot of text, AI column can pull out the important details from each row. For example, your table with meeting notes might have a row for each topic, and feedback from the discussion. An AI column could then list action items, giving teammates clarity, and moving projects forward.

If you add a new AI column to your table, you can choose from one of four preset options: summarize, find action items, find key insights, or a custom prompt. Next, from the dropdown, select which column contains the relevant context, and then add any further instructions. If you’d like Coda AI to reference multiple columns (or to reference other tables through the formula builder), use the custom prompt option.


One-click summaries & new AI block prompt builder to get an overview, instantly.

If you’re writing a brief, a summary can give your teammates context, and ensure they remember the key points. Now, you can summarize any page with one click. Hover over the area above the page title, select summarize, and an AI block will be added.


AI blocks also have a new structured prompt builder, where you can choose from the preset options (summarize, find action items, find key insights, or a custom prompt) and select which page or table contains the relevant context. Add more instructions, and then name your AI block so you can reference it in formulas throughout your doc. If you’d like Coda AI to reference multiple tables/pages, use the custom prompt option.

With these features, you can now review customer feedback, revisit meeting notes, navigate briefs, and draw other insights from your content more easily.



well done coda AI team.

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Nice! Appreciate it!
Now, allow non-logged in users to click on some AI buttons (including the coda AI chat button) while using the makers quota and CodaAI would be gold :slight_smile:

Hi @Richard_Hsu - I cannot believe I just tried the AI - Action Item Column a few minutes ago and it populated the action items.

I was trying to find a way to do this through Fathom.AI without having to upgrade (LOL).

Thank you so MUCH!!

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Is there a way to extract the actions from meeting notes using AI and have the AI create related actions in a related table? That would be a really helpful use case.



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Fantastic job! Feels like the Codans are taking notice of @Bill_French and his posts about scaling ai productivity by make it easier to generate and reuse useful prompts.

I’m looking forward to testing the features out.


Yes. This is the chain-of-thought category and using RunActions, you can create stair steps where one AI outcome serves as the input for another.

Great! This is very helpful for me, Thanks @Richard_Hsu

Brilliant use case and love the “low floor” approach!