Launched: AI chat, your new virtual collaborator

We are thrilled to announce AI chat, the latest addition to our Coda AI features, which will be rolling out over the next few weeks. With AI chat, you can get help with everything from editing content to asking specific questions about the content in your doc.

Find insights faster with AI chat

Instead of going on a treasure hunt, you can ask AI chat to find or summarize information on a page or within a doc. For example, in your company’s wiki, you could ask:

  • What’s our time off policy?
  • Where can I find information about our reimbursement policies?

If you are browsing another team’s Coda doc or a colleague’s writeup, you could ask:

  • Where can I find more information about what this team is working on?
  • What are the key milestones and dates?
  • How will my team help with this plan?
  • What are the pros and cons with the suggested plan?

With AI chat, you can get up to speed quickly—or just rest assured that you have all of the important details.

AI chat for content creation

As a virtual collaborator, AI chat can also help with brainstorming, editing, and creating new content. Whether you want to spin up a new proposal based on meeting notes, request suggestions for a specific paragraph, or list action items, you can give AI chat as many instructions as you’d like before adding the new content to your doc.

Getting started with AI chat

AI chat is a collapsable side panel, so it’s readily available to collaborate.

  • Open the AI icon, in the bottom right (next to the ? icon).
  • Select one of the prompts, or write your own.
  • Choose the context you want to provide: no context, the current page, or the current doc. You can also highlight text on the current page, and choose that selection as the context.
  • After Coda AI generates a response, you can add it to the current page (or open up a new one), by pressing insert.
  • You can also provide more instructions, and AI chat will generate more content.
  • When you’re done, close AI chat, and open it back up again whenever you want.

AI chat: your new virtual collaborator

We will be enabling AI chat access across workspaces over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates on AI chat and its capabilities, and tell us how you use AI chat to help you save time and find important information.


Super cool!

Does the chat have access to data stored in tables?
Can users access chat history and sort it into topics like the ChatGPT sidebar allows?

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Exciting feature!

Does it have a limit for input/output? How much words?

Is it GPT-4, 3.5 or something else?

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Yes it has access to table data when using the Page context :slight_smile:
You can’t have multiple chat histories currently, one per doc

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It does have some limits but we’re experimenting with them still so not set anywhere, its a mix of models


This feature saves me about four minutes doing this. That’s four minutes about five times a week for fifty weeks. That’s just one query for just one person. It essentially puts about two full days a year back on my open schedule.


That’s really very cool!

Does it have access to full-embed documents?
Can it pull out data from embeded documents or Google Drive stored docs (to be used as a wiki bot)?
Can it create pages and tables based on a complex prompt?



This is super cool. Does it honor document permissions? As in, restrict context specific responses to only that document for folks who do not have access for the entire workspace or folder?


Still waiting for AI trained on CFL to help me when I get stuck on formula writing/troubleshooting… :pleading_face: (Bonus points if it helps within context :grin:)

…that said, this does look cool :smiley:

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Yup fully respects your doc permissions and doesn’t use context the user doesn’t have access to themselves


I dont see this in our workspace.Is it easy to get?


Likewise. I tried looking for it in a new doc too, but couldn’t find it. Is this still rolling out?


Does this work also for search through all docs of a workspace? that would be really nice!!

I’m not seeing it? Has there been a delay?


@Kiran_Prasad, @Ryan_Martens2, @Adam_Smyth:



I still have chatgpt open in another tab to help me out. Not always perfect but it does help me get started and debug.


I am so happy to see Coda AI Chat coming to life :partying_face: :raised_hands: !!!

As someone still learning about AIs and how to use them in an appropriate way, this was a feature I was looking forward to :grin: … Just because I’ve come to find that it was easier for me to have some kind of conversation with an AI than trying to write the “perfect prompt” and hope it’ll work.

Now, I can test things at my own pace without cluttering my docs :grin: !

And there’s no need anymore for me to switch context/tabs, going back and forth between ChatGPT and my docs :grin: ! As I can be easily distracted :sweat_smile: , this is really appreciated!

I sincerely enjoy brainstorming ideas with Coda AI Chat: This has been helpful to re-direct my natural tendency to generally overcomplicate my setup :grin: !

In summary :innocent: : Thank you so very much to the whole Coda AI team for adding this awesome virtual companion :raised_hands: :partying_face: !!!
My Coda wish list just got shorter, once again :grin: !


We’re about 25% of all workspaces today, many more by the end of the week!


Currently, AI chat operates on three levels:

  • The highlighted text selection
  • The page you’re on
  • The doc you’re in

I’ll let @Glenn_Jaume speak to the future, but I can tell you we’ve been looking at a lot of options!

Great example, thank you for sharing!