AI Block - best practises, any updated resources to read?

I’ve built a database a company I’m interviewing for - I’ve pasted content from google news results as a canvas. I’m using select lists to have AI autofill topics, sentiment etc. It is okay at doing that the latter but i’m not sure the canvas and the volume of text helping me out re: the AI block, which doesn’t seem to like it.

Are there any good resources about using the AI block to summarise databases?

My two problems are:

  • AI autofill select boxes - do I have them as a seperate table with additional columns that define what they mean - how to do this?

  • Canvas and AI block summary - are there any limits to the size of the context window - are there any implimentation issues Coda side that results in things not working>

Hi @Gareth_Simpson1! That sounds like an awesome use case. To share some feedback:

AI autofill select boxes

  • If you are trying to get AI column to tag based on your definitions, you can either provide specific instructions in the prompt itself, or type = to open the formula builder and reference the table with your instructions. For example, if I want to tag tasks based on priority, I need to tell Coda AI my definition of high, medium, and low priority.

  • Here’s an example doc–in the select list column, I list my definitions as bullet points in the prompt, and in the relation column, I list my instructions in a separate table.

  • When you want to reference another table in your AI prompt, inside of the prompt box type =, then type the name of the other table, then press enter, and it will be added to your prompt.

Canvas and AI block summary

  • There are limits (about 12,000 words) but we are working on increasing this. In an AI block prompt that @ references a table, it often helps to filter your data down. Not just for size limitations, but so you give AI a clearer cut of the data you want it to consider.

  • You can filter data in a prompt by opening the formula builder, for example, in this doc, I filtered the data down so AI summarizes only the transcripts tagged as referencing a new image editor.

Here’s a couple more resources, and let me know if the above helps answer all your questions!

  • Coda AI guides
  • Lead scoring outreach: this is a very advanced example, but shows a way you can tell AI your criteria and have it score leads for you on a scale of 1 to 5, and give the reasoning.