AI First Timer Question

Hey Great CODA FAM!

I just used @coda_hq intentionally to assist me in writing a “call to action” for a blog post.

I was able to successfully get a summary and 3 call to actions to work in a separate column.

I wanted to pull the summary inside of the canvas part where I was writing the blog post.

I am not sure if I am doing this right.

While I setup to get the summary in another column, I was hoping to get the summary by just typing and asking AI to pull from the written text above.

Do I need to use the AI Block or some other method? Hope this makes sense!

Hey @Ashley_Shuler! What I’d recommend doing is having that data you’re trying to summarize in a table somewhere so you can ask AI to summarize that specific column, so you can @ reference the row data itself in your prompt. Hope that gets you on the right track!

Hi @Jasmine_B - I think that’s right from what I have figured out. I experimented by adding another column and then using the Coda - AI tool to pull a summary. Thank you so much for responding!

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