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Just a thought that popped up in my head, has anyone used the Coda AI to point to a PDF (think an organizations operations manual) and set up a coda AI column and an inquiry text column so you could press a button enter an inquiry and the AI will generate a response based on the PDF?

I think this could be a great use case for a custom Q&A section of a project doc.

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Hi Juan,

I just tested something like this out and it seems to work.

My prompt was simply: Summarize @File

So it looks like Coda AI can read files, which is awesome!

hi @Samuel_Langford ,

I guess it depends on the content of the PDF, I got this friendly message:

Sorry, I cannot summarize a PDF document without further instructions or access to the file. Please provide more information or clarify your request.

I provided more detailed instructions, but still it failed.

Cheers, Christiaan

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yeah im getting the same result as you Christiaan,

I’m thinking the summary it generates is directly tied to the name of the file. My original prompt was Summarize @file (the file name is “Employee Policy Manual”) and the result was, “this is a manual for employees”.

Then i asked it to summarize the first few pages of @file and got the result in the screenshot above

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Maybe Coda employees could elaborate on this?

Agree this would be great to understand more.
FYI I tested the public Bitcoin paper and it worked in a table.

When I downloaded this PDF, and put it in a google drive, that is viewable by anyone, Coda AI failed.
I can share the Coda test file if that is useful.

I’d love to be able to read a PDF from a Google drive link and summarize information using Coda AI. Can anyone from the coda team provide info on whether this is possible?

I have plans to create a PDF file reader as a Pack, but unfortunately it has proven imposible without sending the file content to a server and will take more time :frowning:

Got it. I’m glad that someone is working on this challenge. Let me know if you need a beta tester at some point.

Oh, I came to the same conclusion! I’m afraid I beat you to it, spent the whole day getting this up:

In the example above you can do ReadPDFs("") to get


Awesome! Good to know there will be multiple alternatives :slight_smile:

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