How to use AI prompt to summarize from my own para

Hi Team,

I am writing a document based on my template and I am curious if I can use AI prompt for sections? Like Section 1 > Section 1.1 : ( In section 1.1 I have put a bit n pieces from multiple sources and now I want to summarize it)

Write a summary for @Section1 ?

Can you please help me to learn the prompt to achieve the needful.

Thank you.

Welcome to the community, Priti!

Right now, Coda AI can only reference full pages using the @ symbol. However, you can actually tell Coda AI to just reference a certain section – just be sure to be clear about the section you want it to focus on. Check out the prompt in the doc below for an example by clicking on the three dot menu next to the AI block, then clicking “Change prompt”.

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Brian, Thank you. I am not able to see the prompt. For me it’s read only view. Can you please share me the prompt here.

hi @Priti_S , does this help

cheers, christiaan

I was able to generate summary in table. But If it’s in document I think it’s a limitation as you suggested.
My Use case : I have a Email or say text blob then I just want to create bullet points based on that.

As of now the solution seems to be - Put it in tables :slight_smile:

Thank you @Christiaan_Huizer

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