Announcing Coda AI & the AI at Work Challenge

Today, we are excited to announce that Coda AI is now available for your docs — you can enable access here. With the ability to create new content and tables, and turn your data into organized insights, summaries, and action items, Coda AI is the work assistant that takes the busywork out of work.

Coda AI has three features:

  • AI assistant: Your new favorite collaboration partner. AI assistant can draft content, suggest edits, generate tables, find information, reference your data, and more.

  • AI column: Make any table magical with auto-generated custom content— that scales. Use AI column to expand your data, or help you organize it.

  • AI block: Turn information into insights with AI block. Great for pulling out summaries and action items, converting data to text, and more.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the alpha and gave feedback! We saw makers use Coda AI to do everything from summarizing product feedback to generating curated lesson plans. We were so inspired that today, we are also announcing an AI at Work Challenge.

Introducing the AI at Work Challenge.

With the AI at Work Challenge, you can showcase how Coda AI helps you save time and accomplish more by submitting your AI use case. AI The challenge kicks off today, and runs until July 17. We encourage you to enter as many templates as you’d like, to form teams, and to share your stories in the community or social media. You can find more details on this page or in the “AI at Work Challenge” category in the Community-- we can’t wait to see what you build!


Awesome! Congrats team on hard work! A question, will it be unlimited use? For all plans, even free? I am on Team Plan, but will start promoting Coda to friends/family/clients and wanted to know what to sell them. Thanks P.S. Personally I do hope you stand out from “Notion” (ewwwwwww =) and their terrible pricing.

Congrats on the launch ! Excited to enter the competition and see others entries as well. :slight_smile:


Hi @Vitaliy_Malanchuk, during the Beta period, Coda AI is available for free across all plans. If you are part of an enterprise team, we would just ask that a workspace admin sign off to get access. We do have daily limits, but have only seen a few alpha testers hit them. I’d love to see any use cases or docs that you build leveraging Coda AI, and hope you consider entering our AI at Work Challenge!


Great Launch! <3

One of Coda’s most useful feature is the User() formula, it helps so much with teams

Does Coda AI formulas output different things to specific users?

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Gah this feels like such a stupid question, but I cannot figure out how to enable this at the admin level for our workspace. I followed the link you provided, but every “get access” button is just redirecting to the gallery of templates. Am I totally blind?

Hi Sara! Sorry for the confusion. You should have access already :slight_smile: If you open up a Coda doc and type in /ai you should see some fun new things. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Thank you, DavidK! We had a weird hiccup where it told me it wasn’t set up but is now working just fine.

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Hi @Jake_Nguyen1! If you use User() in Coda AI, it currently uses the last run as input. Since Coda AI output is editable text (unlike a formula), it is challenging to give a different output back to each user.

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Congratulations everyone! This is amazing, what a time to be alive! :laughing:

Can you share which OpenAI version you have implemented so we know what to expect? Based on the speed it’s 3.5 I guess?
Any near term plans for GPT-4, maybe with extra subscription payment? I still don’t have GPT-4 API access so my team just has to go to the chat for complex prompts and submit them manually. :sweat_smile:

@Michael_RnW right now, Coda AI is leveraging OpenAI and we’re continuing to test multiple models to determine what provides the best user experience. We are also working to create a Coda hosted model–stay tuned for more updates!


Hi Coda Team,
Congratulations on the launch, this is really a game changer.
With this feature inside Coda, LLMs become (finally) the building blocks, like the ones Google refers to. This will empower small businesses and independent creative teams to navigate in such a complex market and media, and you are doing this with affordable prices. Thank you.

I am already thinking on how to create buttons that can trigger an answer. For example, an onboarding instruction text written after the user presses “begin”.

I already found a way to clear the message. Is there a way to run the “Create” button inside the block through another button? I wanted to have an “Update” feature, is this possible in any way?


Once again, congratulations and thank you so much.


Thanks Katy! Just keep doing what you do then and I’m fully here for the ride. :grin:

Can I still hack it with user tables? :wink:

Well, the update feature is already represented by a button, but, if you have other button location requirements or workflows, I sympathize with exactly this requirement. However, there is no know way to address an AI block such that we can call for a refresh or use it in RunActions. Furthermore, AI Blocks apparently do not provide automatic refresh settings.

This is how I work around this limitation. I probably don’t need to explain what’s happening here.