Autofill cell when cell in different table is filled?

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anybody knows how to do that?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @Isebar_DE ,

You can do that with an automation. In your example it is a bit tricky for changes, because with only column, it is a bit to little info for checking that the changes and up in the corresponding column in the other table. You really should have a (hidden) column with a unique identifier for the rows. Of course, you only asked for syncing new rows, which is even simpler - just make the automation react on new rows (I generally by having a hidden column with a checkbox that autofills to true() for a new row - checking on changes in that column (which only changes once when a new column is made) and adding your new row.
A lot can be done to improve this basic sample. In the current sample, change AddorModifyRows to AddRow if you want a change to only result in a new row and don’t do updates.

I added the automation to your doc.
Don’t forget that automations may need a little while (up to a minute) to trigger.

Greetings, Joost

Yeah i have to many new rows for using automations. I would need to pay 30$ per month. Is there an other solution?

Yes, you could use a row button and do the same as the automation does…

But, quite frankly, if you are using Coda with so many rows, is it not worth having a paid subscription?

For me, I changed to a paid subscription within a week of using Coda - and never had any regrets.

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@joost_mineur , thanks for the tip. I’ll try with the button.

Totally. It always impresses me, that nearly everything is working in the way i want it to. I am upgrading from my 12/month to 30, as soon as i can afford it.

One little side note: I did switch from airtable, because of the unlimited rows promise, so this is not a valid point for me.

@joost_mineur , i am trying to reconstruct the automation inside a button. I did create a Unique ID row in both tables but can’t get it to work. Help would be much apprechiated!

I don’t see a button in your table, nor do I see a unique ID column.

@joost_mineur Oh sorry. I did do it on my other table. Added the button with the formula i tried and the Rows now.

OK - I fixed your button and gave you an alternative too: a row button. The row button only updates the the current row - the canvas button goes through the entire table.
Corrections of the current name will be reflected in the other table (one way only). If you need more fields to copy (or update), you need to add them to your formula.

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Hello @Isebar_DE ,
Has your question been answered with the changes I made to your button (and/or with the row button)?
Greetings, Joost

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@joost_mineur this is super helpful. Thanks a lot! I am just thinking if i might need the tables to sync. Right now, when i delete a row in in the first table and press the button again, it does not get deleted in the second table.

You can do that by adding an action that runs through all the rows in the 2nd table and checks of the matching row in table 1 still exists: if yes, do nothing, if no, delete the current row.

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Thanks again!

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