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Say I have a table that has 20 columns of data and I have another table that has 4 columns of the same data in it. Is there a way to make an automation where when you enter data into the one table, it will add a row to the table and put the information into that one also?

Thanks for any help!

I have to ask why there are two tables - based on what you’re describing, the Coda way of doing it would be to create a view of the 20-column table, with all but 4 columns hidden. That way both tables are always in sync, data can be input/updated in either one, etc.

But perhaps you have a good reason for the two tables thing. In that case, you could have an automation with a Row Changed trigger, and then keep track of whether a row is new or not using this technique (I know… “new row” should be its own automation trigger!)


What we have is two tables that were imported into coda one of which has every data point on a specific item and the other one just has a specific dataset that is used for reporting. I never thought about using a cross doc and hiding rows that’s genius. Once I get all of the data synced, I will do that. Thanks for the advice!

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