New row with a lookup

Hello everyone. I would like to implement a functionality in a coda document but I don’t know if it is possible to do it.

I want that when a row is added in a table (let’s say table A), a row is automatically created in another table (table B) and the values of table A are added in the first column of table B with a lookup, so that when you put the mouse over it you will see all the information of table A.

Is this possible? And if it is possible how can I do it?


Hey @NEEDCARHELP_CAR_HELPER you can accomplish this by:

  • Create an automation that looks for row change in table A and then AddRow(Table B)
  • In both tables, create a column [Row ID] where the formula is =rowID().
  • In Table B create a column [Table A Lookup] and set that as a Lookup type column back to Table A.
  • Set the formula =Table A.filter(rowID=thisrow.rowID)
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Thanks for your answer but I’m having trouble getting the first step “Create an automation that looks for the row change in table A and then AddRow(Table B)”.

Any advice on how to create this automation?

I did this but it doesn’t work:


Remove the 2) If section and try again. I was able to make an automation without that.

I have managed to configure it, thank you very much

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