Lookup Formula Using a Lookup Column

I actually have two issues. First is it possible to populate a table column to directly match another table’s column. For example have a list of names in two places, but if one list changes so does the other (preferably one way)?

Second I am trying to do a lookup on a table where the search column is itself a lookup column, is that possible?

Hi Vince,

  1. Keeping tables in sync.
    There are a couple of ways that comes to mind:
    With an automation, which will pick up any row change, and can then replicate it to the next table. The disadvantage of this method is that it could take a few seconds, sometimes more or the automation to execute. Automations are also influenced by you pricing plan with Coda.
    With a button - the change can be done immediately, but then you need to remember to click the button.
  2. Lookup on a lookup
    I unfortunately do not have the time to test this now, but I see no reason why it would be a problem Question, why not do the lookup to the original table? Or are you trying to filter?


Piet, thanks for getting back to me and trying to help!

  1. I was hoping for a bit of a cleaner method since it is just a 1-1 sync. Worried I’ll miss some logic in the automation etc but I guess I’ll take what I can get.

  2. I am trying to get information into Table 3 that is in Table 2 (Display Column = Lookup from Table 2) but not Table 1 (Primary/Original). I actually ended up getting it to work using =toText when referencing the cell. Just hoping that workaround doesn’t have some ripple effect.


Hey @Vince_Balsamo ! Can you share more context about your two issues (especially your first one). What are you trying to accomplish? There might be more efficient ways to accomplish what you are looking for

Hi Vince,

As far as I know the only drawback of totext() is that it is computationally slow.

Maybe one o the more experienced non-coders could weigh in.