Updating Lookup Column Data

I have two tables. Table A with Column A (Text Data). Table B with Column B (Lookup Data from Column A)

I have a Button that I would like to cause the following changes:
adds new rows to Table B
Pull the current status of Lookup Column(A) to Column B

I’ve partially accomplished this task, however the issue I run into is thus…
When I change the Data in Column A, when the button is pressed Column B doesn’t populate the changed data. I have to manually reselect the values in each row.

Is there a way to automatically update a lookup column?


Could you update the permissions on that doc?

You can either set it to publicly editable, or you can go to the embed tab and choose “enable play” and copy the embed code

Here is the Updated Doc! Sorry about that I am still getting used to how things work!

Thanks, the sharing can be a bit tricky. Can you talk us through what should happen again? What data do you plan to change in column A, and what do you want to appear in column B? Or maybe if you can give them realistic real-world names that will help me get my head around what’s happening :slight_smile: