Lookup columns do not create entries for pasted rows

If I paste rows from one table into another table, where the original column was text and the new column type is a lookup, Coda does not create lookup entries for missing lookups, instead everything is treated as some sort of hybrid text/lookup type, where I have to then manually go into each column cell, copy and paste the data, then click the dropdown option that creates the entry. This is infuriating when importing/pasting hundreds of rows. I wish Coda just created lookup entries for the cell data.

Hi @balupton.bevry
in fact Coda does perform a type inference (which is trying to guess what kind of data is and changing accordingly) even with lookups, although they are far from trivial, sometimes.

If you can share your doc (or a sample of it) it would be easier to understand why in your case it is failing.

A workaround for massive import - should it happen often - would be to add a landing (or temporary) column and an action that resolves that value to the actual type.

For instance, say that you are copy-pasting in your Projects table and you have a Client (lookup) column.
You add a Client Name column where you paste the client’s name and a single button (manually or automatically triggered) that searches for insensitive case for that name in the Clients table and it adds the correct instance in the Client column.

Please, let me know if you need further details.