Reference individual cell data in another table

Table 1 has many columns and my goal is to replicate data from more than one column of Table 1 into Table 2. Attempting to use lookup to pull in data from table 1 and column 3, only the primary column cell’s detail is visible. Attempting to use filter, I am only able to pull an empty list.

Is there a proper method to reference specific cell data from one table in another?

Hi @Ian_Atwater,

If you use Lookups then you are able to get the values from the other columns really easily.

LookupColumn.Name for example will give you the values of the Name column. This is a good help article to look at

It also appears that you might have a problem with your Filter formula. If you share your doc here or by reaching out to I’ll be glad to take a look.

Hey @mallika, thank you for the LookupColumn.Name reference. This is exactly what I needed for this use case.
The Filter I have, trying to create the same outcome as above, was Filter([Table 2], [Table 2].[Item Name]="Column Name: ") and I was getting an empty list. I’m guessing you’d need to see the project to get a good understanding, but luckily I’m good without it for now, too.

Thank you!

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