Linking information from tables

Hi Everyone,

Apologies these are probably quite dumb questions, but I’m not a programmer and not overly tech savvy.

I work in film and in production we complete a range of repetitive tasks.

-I’m hoping to build a doc that uses a database/table to draw information to enable autocomplete in another document.
-The data would be crew details, that won’t login to or use Coda.
-The data would be their name/phone/email and perhaps other line entries.
-Part of this would be how do you connect information in the same row but in different columns, for instance, name, email and phone number. You start inputting a name and a contact comes up, once you select, the name is completed, and phone/email cells are auto completed as well in cells in the same row.

Any suggestions/thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Ivan,

Welcome to Coda! I hope that you will enjoy the tool - it is really good.

I unfortunately only have time for a short answer, but first a question: Why two docs?
What you could do is set up a “master doc”, and then create a Cross doc that reads that document. How you would exactly do it depends on why you need two docs, and what is the level of detail you want to share, both in number of columns, as well as in number of rows,

The good news is what you want sounds very easy to do in Coda, but we would need more specifics to give exact advice.


Hi @Piet_Strydom

Thank you, I’ve just found the lookup columns which should keep me busy for a while:)

I’m just trying to figure out how to automatically grab other details from the source table once I select a name from the lookup column. As in phone/ email in the next columns.

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In the lookup column, there is an option (going from memory) “insert column”. Once you click on that, you can select whichever column you want from the lookup table. You can repeat this for as many columns as you need.

@Piet_Strydom Thank you I figured that one out. Bit of a newbie, so note to self, try and figure it out first, then look at the help resources, then if hitting a wall post a question:) Apologies.

No apology necessary.

This is exactly why the community is here, to help people get up to speed quicker.

Have you seen the doc ? It is a really good overview of the basic functionality in Coda. I found it incredibly useful.

All the best forward…

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@Piet_Strydom Thank, yes I have been working through that slowly.

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