Lookup from a table in another document

I have a CRM in one document and then would like to reference people or companies in multiple other documents. I used to do that in Notion quite simply by linking databases. Here in Coda I only can link to databases through lookup if they are in the same document.

Is there a way to link or lookup a table in another document in my workspace??

Thank you

HI Tammam

Welcome to Coda.

I do not think that you could refer to a table in another document. But you could cross-doc that information from the other table(s), and then use the data in formulas.

But let’s take a step back, I see that you are brand new to Coda. Why would you want those table in different docs? Could you share a little bit more about what it is that you are trying to achieve?

Coda and Notion are superficially very similar, but the small differences can have a large impact on your doc design.

I would suggest that you try out different ideas and concepts in Coda for a month or three before you embark on a major project. (It took me a year to get rid of the Access, Excel and Notion in my patterns before I really started enjoying Coda.)


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Thank you Piet, really appreciated.

I will tell you a little more.

I have a job, study a PhD, am writing a book, and volunteer.

In principle, I thought I would have a folder for each of those where different documents can live. However, I have a few things that I need for all of those like “people” which include contacts and other people and books which includes book notes.

I want a central contact list in my life. I put that in a separate document

I want to be able to pull specific lines from the contacts database to sit as participatns in the meetings doc in the folder for work and PhD, as authors in document databases in the PhD and Book folders, etc.

I thought, having used Notion for a long time now, that I can have a single “people” database and then reference that from whatever database across my whole workspace.

how would you do that otherwise??

Thank you, Tammam

HI Tammam,

Off the cuff there are two ways that I can think of:
First is to have a doc with “people”, and then crossdock that information to the docs where it is needed.

But personally I would prefer the second approach, do everything in the same document. I find that generally people to quickly split the info into different docs. And also, split tables too quickly into separate tables.

Put everything into a single doc, and only when you have to, split the doc. (It is very simple to do, if you keep things structured.)

Having a look at this doc might give you a few ideas. It allows you to have meetings that are linked to other objects, like action items and what is called functional design documents. But you could easily change the template that is used for the functional design document into a template for your research/ chapters/ topics. And you could convert one of the tables in the master data section into your bibliography. Or something like that.

Here are the main tables, with the doc after that.

Rambling Pete

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