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Hello community. I’d like to be able to create a link within one document to another document. Is this possible? I can see that @-references will take you to specific places (or people or other reference types) within the same document, but it won’t allow you to access one document from another document. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Yeah I think regular ol’ links is your only option between documents

That seems right to me. Thanks very much.

Hi Jeb,

Just as a general observation - Why do you have two separate docs?

One of the common mistakes that Coda newcomers make is to split a document to quickly.

Could you combine the two docs into one?

Rambling Pete

Hi Pete. Excellent point, but I believe I need to manage security/access for these two documents separately. I’m a Notion convert, and one of the good things about Notion was that you can control access to subpages independent of the parent page. I believe that can’t be done with Coda (one of my few complaints). Thus, I have two separate documents. It’s entirely possible that I’m thinking about all this incorrectly though…


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I agree with your choice to split in this case yep. I too would love to see per-page permissions, eg to enable wiki/knowledgebase functionality where not all users should see all content.

But it’s complicated by the fact that tables and formulas can be referenced across pages: what should a very public Page A show when referencing a canvas formula on secret Page B? Should it show up on A for users who have access to B, but otherwise show as… not found?
Same situation with views of tables, or Lookups to tables.

I know Notion has a bit of a similar thing with table views don’t they? Do you know how they manage this?

HI Jeb,

Thanks for responding. Was just wondering. Yes, authorisation and performance are definitely two of the reasons to split into a new doc.

We are all waiting with bated breath for Coda to provide this.


Nick, the way this works in Notion is that the top level page can be set with specific security settings and those are then adopted by default by all the subpages UNLESS you override a given subpage with its own settings. When you are a viewer or contributor to the master page but don’t have access to one of the subpages, you don’t see the subpage, or even the header, at all. I absolutely love Coda, but this is a clearly missing feature requiring some awkward work-arounds. Thanks for your guidance and expertise.

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