Notion-like Projects & Tasks in Coda + easily reference other pages in workspace in a doc

I’m trying my best to migrate from Notion to Coda, I truly would like to go all in on Coda, but i’m having trouble replicating functionality from Notion’s projects & tasks that I feel i crucial to me and my team making the switch.

The biggest issue I’m facing is setting up a project and task tracker that links to other pages in my workspace. If i want to do so (as far as I’m aware), I have to manually find the link and add it to the table.

In Notion I can reference another page simply by typing [[page name]].

The other thing that i’m missing is being able to have a page for a project itself and nest pages within it. Canvas columns aren’t sufficient for this purpose as projects can be quite complicated and require a lot of info, and the reading/writing experience leaves me wanting.

There’s a solid chance that there’s functionality available in Coda that i’m not aware of that can help accomplish some of these things, but I haven’t been able to find it.

Right now i’m planning to use Notion as a project management tool and wiki, and use Coda to build little ‘apps’ to automate certain processes with AI.

Hopefully that’s sufficient info, happy to answer any questions or add clarifications if anyone wants some.

In Coda, you can use @page name to create a link to a page. That will solve both the above problems.


Hi Piet,

Thanks for the response. I’m aware of that, but it seems only to work for pages that are within the doc itself, not in my workspace. I want to be able to reference pages in a doc from across my entire workspace.



Hi Sam,

Although Coda and Notion appears very similar when viewed superficially, there are some fundamental differences in how the two apps work.

I would strongly recommend against simply trying to replicate what you did in Notion into Coda. Spend some time to really understand the Coda functionality: When to create a new doc, when to create a new table, how does canvas columns work.

I frequently see people splitting into new docs, and splitting into new tables too quickly.

It’s just a ramble,
Rambling Pete


@Piet_Strydom you make a good point. I am in the same boat as @Sam_Barton. I really want to go all in on Coda but have been struggling with how to structure things. For example:

  • How do I create structured workflows where one task has to be completed after another? Here is an example that I have created in Process Street.
  • If I want to onboard someone, I might want them to read certain information in a particular order but this information might need to be visible and editable in multiple places.
  • How do I create a Wiki that is searchable across the organisation? For example, we operate in the pharmacy business and have a combination of SOPs and internal help documents. In addition, colleagues might have questions from time to time about how to do things. I am not sure whether to create one master doc or split things up. If one splits things up, how is someone to know where to look?

Perhaps I have not understood the power of Coda 4.0. I totally understand the use case of mini internal apps like @Sam_Barton mentioned but it’s the whole all in one place thing that I am struggling to conceptualise.

HI Shaheed,

There are many ways to go implement what you are asking about, I will respond from my perspective. (Which is: As no-code as possible, as simple as possible.)

I could unfortunately not understand what is happening in Process Street. But It would be simple to have a list of tasks, with statuses. As you complete one with a button click, it sets the status to be processed on the next. If needed, it can be one to many. Many different ways to accomplish this.

Again, many different ways to do this. Depending on whether the info is to be confidential or not, whether you need to keep track of whether progress on the steps, etc. If the list is to be in a separate doc, there is new embed functionality, on top of the old cross doc and the various cross doc type packs. If it is in the same doc, then you can use a view, filter by user().

This is one of the reasons why you keep as much as possible in a single doc. And in a single table. This way you can use the table search and doc search to search for the information. With the new AI functionality you cam do natural language searches. In any language.


The beauty of Coda is that one doc can be a single source of truth. You dont need more than one doc. Hence why Coda’s tagline is “one doc to rule them all”.

I talk more about this in an old YouTube video I made about splitting different departments in a doc using pages:

I understand this is quite basic in comparison to the setup you might have but I’m happy to have a look under the hood and give pointers on how you could achieve a 1 doc setup.

Heres an example of mine:

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I would recommend creating a 2nd brain framework to act as your knowledge management center. I built one a while ago that allows you to search, tag and digest information easily. You can also provide a form for staff to submit SOP’s which are then reviewed and categorised properly: