Notes in a task

Hey there! Love Coda so far! My main app is Notion, but I love the design language and automations in coda.

My question is, if I’m creating a table for tasks, is there any way to create a ‘notes’ field that is Rich Text or Markdown?

That’s the big thing i’m really missing, since pretty much everything in notion can be a page, so you can actually have a “page” for notes embedded into your task, inside your table. I can obviously use a text field but that’s not really giving me what I’m looking for.

Any thoughts?

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Yes! That’s brought me here from AirTable and Notion.

That’s actually very cool and I didn’t realize coda could do that, but I meant more of a long-form notes field in a cell.

Best way I know to describe it is that in Notion, if you open up a detail view of record/row, you get a large area at the bottom where you can put whatever you want, essentially it’s a page within a page.

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Great question! This is one of the main reasons why we launched Layouts: There are links to a few example templates in that post as well.

Am I missing something or is this still unresolved? There is no long-form field that can be used to keep notes for a given row … that I’m able to get working. Even in layout view, if you press Enter on while in a text field, that field loses focus. You have to press Shift+Enter for every new row. And while it seems that markdown is supported, there are no editing tools available in the UI … what’s the markdown for red text again??

I agree with OP, the “everything’s a page” model of Notion is one area that it seems to cater to more usage scenarios. Notion outperforms in document-centric workflows, like building a knowledge base, whereas Coda outperforms in spreadsheet-centric workflows.

It would be really nice if coda could make pages available as fields.

… Possibly related issue: Add a new format column: "the Canvas"

To me Coda and Notion are two very different animals with different use cases. Coda is an extremely powerful visual database system slash application builder, whereas Notion is more of a rich knowledge portal.

Sure, Notion can notionally (see what I did there?) do relational databases but all the parts don’t integrate to a more powerful whole imo. For example, one of the example layouts is a company portal which provides you a place to enter vacation days and a separate place to manage a team calendar - but can the team calendar show the vacation days from the table? Not that I could see in the admittedly brief time I spent with it.

However, Notion looks to be stronger at attractive page layouts and rich content than Coda, so the two systems compliment each other quite well. I could see myself using Coda applications embedded in Notion - I think that would be really quite nice. :slight_smile:

I’m not knocking Notion here. I currently use DevonTHINK for my knowledge-base and am considering switching that to Notion. I guess my point is, erm, horses for courses?

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Hi Shishir (or a member of your great support team as you are the CEO after all :wink:)

Could you explain to me further how the Layout compares with the Notion method of adding text to the bottom of a card/page? I am hoping to go “all in” with you guys, but really gravitating back to Notion for the Wiki/Notetaking capabilities. I think the primary benefit they have is ease of adding notes at the bottom of an opened card/page, as is described above. If you guys had a rich text capability, or a column that formatted like “canvas” as was suggested in the link referenced below, I think you’d pretty much have just about all that Notion offers! with the exception, IMHO of:

  • better, but limited permissioning within the workspace
  • somewhat more capable hierarchy within the workspace/doc, although I’m hoping when linked Docs come out (big ++1 for that feature) you guys will leapfrog them to an even more superior solution.

Keep up the great work and eagerly awaiting your next feature releases!!