P.A.R.A in Coda

Hi there.
I’m coming from Notion to Coda and I’m trying to learn it but I’m struggling a little bit because in Coda Table Cell isn’t a page link in Notion.
Please could someone explain to me how to build P.A.R.A system in Coda?
I only need the main hierarchy. ( Areas contains some Projects and Tasks related to those Projects )
like in the following system?


Thanks a lot.

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@Momen_Khalaf. welcone to this great community.

i have used notion for a long time and recently migrated to coda to exploit the much better formulas and the buttons and automations that you cant do in notion.

and i used to use PARA on notion when i was studying and researching for my phd. but i have not used it recently, so never migrated it to coda.


it most certainly CAN be done

the trick is to exploit the “Canvas Column” feature of coda. the canvas-column is a ‘page’ when you open it, similar to what you are used to in notion. it can contain all the formatting and text blocks of a page, including its own tables etc.

every time you create a new table in coda, you automatically get a canvas column at the end, called ‘Notes’. use this for your page-view of the row. you can use the ‘Edit Layout’ option (behind the three-dots menu on the top right of the opened view) to customize what appears on the screen (much more flexible than notion).

you can only have a single canvas-column in each table but it allows you to do all the notion-like stuff that PARA needs.

btw… in case someone else has already done all this… check out the coda gallery to see if a PARA template already exists. if not, then its your chance for fame and glory by being the first to publish one !



What is holding me back currently is the question, Can the canvas column type be templated? If so, then P.A.R.A system can be used in Coda. Notion’s page concept, within the table, enhances the functionality when adding a row to also add a templated page(canvas). I do not want to create a new sub-page per note. I would rather keep a Master note db/table. Then create a view within a subpage to filter my notes. Also, add a button to add a new note and insert a new row into the table with a templated canvas note.

you can indeed use templates for canvas columns.

here is a post on tbe topic… but if you search, you will find several others as well

hope that helps


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This is a one to one relationship. IMHO, this is where Coda lags behind Notion. I do not want another folder structure. However, where Coda outshines Notion is with formulas.

Thank you sir.
That helps me a lot

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